Apple, iPhone 3 Include 3 Model Tickets

Apple launches on September 12th with 3 new members to the iPhone family. With new devices going to the market, it removed the iPhone X, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE models from Apple store listings.

Since Apple introduced the iPhone X last year, the design concept it embraces has echoed across the board. One year later, the company returned to the plug-in phones that it paused for a while. iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max together with the lower priced iPhone XR. Simultaneously making severe price hikes on other products in Turkey, Apple will release the new phone without hurry.

Apple's new products, of course, turned out to be the most advanced devices in their class. Although there are no big improvements in terms of designs, the technical features are dazzling. The iPhone X, which was introduced last year, had a starting price of $ 999 and it was about 6 thousand TL in our country.

Those who want to buy a cheaper iPhone in terms of prices will not see 3 models in Apple stores anymore. The most important of these is the 2017 iPhone X, which is already one year old, which is already being removed from the sale. On the other side, the iPhone 6s, which is 3 years old, is also in store.

What is most surprising is that Apple has removed the iPhone SE from the sale of the most popular phones to date. This device, which is about 2 years old, was the pupil of those who wanted a small-bodied and affordable iPhone. In the surveys, the device that was most pleased with the user was always iPhone SE.

The rumors still circulating in the backstops are that Apple is going to market a model named iPhone SE 2 in the next few months. Although it is not yet a guarantee of this news, Apple may not be able to reverse the possible request from the users. We also do not expect to introduce a new device for a while, as it will focus on the production of the iPhone XS and XR models.

Guyle güle iPhone X, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE …