Apple is working to combine AR and VR on a single goggle

As you know, Apple continues to work on increased reality and virtual reality glasses. Looking at the news now, the wearable technology products that will be launched into the market in 2020 will be able to offer increased reality and virtual reality on a single device.

Previously, there have been many leak information about Apple's wearable technology products. But if you look at the reports from CNET this time, Apple is going for crazy things. In this context, technology giant Apple is getting ready to shake up the market by gathering on one eye the increased reality and virtual reality.

This leak, which is based on a claim for now, seems to happen if the idea is not changed. In other respects, we would like to say that the Apple chipset's codec, called T288, supports both increased reality and virtual reality applications. This point is undoubtedly the most impressive display with a total resolution of 16K.


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The 8K resolution per eye is comparable to other companies. Because the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive offer only 1,080 x 1200 resolutions per eye. It is also worth mentioning that Apple will also be developing wireless goggles that are being developed.