Apple Keynote: The most important dates for the new products

Lots of new products Apple has presented on Tuesday at this year's iPhone keynote. The availability dates are this time quite confusing – some products can be ordered immediately, some software updates come in quick succession, on some services you have to wait even more than a month. Mac & i provides the perspective.

The most important products of yesterday's keynote (s. Live Scores) were the three new iPhone models of the vintage 2019. They can be ordered from next Friday (September 13), as the launch date for the pre-order phase Apple this time has chosen 14 clock, which corresponds to 5 clock in the morning US West Coast time. Accordingly, you have to get up earlier in Germany less early to get the often coveted early delivery slots. The three devices will be delivered to first time buyers from 20 September, they should also be available in Apple's shops and at the dealers.

The new entry-level iPad can already be pre-ordered on However, only from the 30, September delivered or sold in stores.

All models of the new computer clock with "Always-on" screen are already pre-orderable on, delivery and sales start is September 20, so this year's "iPhone Day".

The new game service, the Apple offers at a competitive price of 5 € per month, comes with over 100 games, including various exclusive titles. The activation will start on September 19th for iOS 13, iPadOS will follow on September 30th and macOS 10.15 from October.

Apple's first own video streaming service with original content also costs 5 euros a month, but only starts from the 1st of November. How big the content will initially be, is still unclear.

The fresh operating systems leave something to be expected depending on the hardware. It starts on September 19 with iOS 13, which is available only for iPhone and iPod touch. A first update of iOS 13, iOS 13.1, is already announced for September 30th – it probably delivers missing features. Apple's tablet version of iOS 13, now baptized iPadOS, will also be released on September 30th – although it's already in version 13.1, nobody knows yet.

WatchOS 6 will be available from September 19th – initially only for Apple Watch Series 3 and later. The variant for Series 1 and 2 comes according to Apple "later in the fall". Also patience must have Mac owners. macOS 10.15 aka Catalina is announced for "October 2019", an exact date Apple has not yet communicated.

Apple iPhone 11 64GB red

iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB midnight green

iPhone 11 Pro Max

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