Apple Made Two Applications of $ 3200 Free for 90 Days

Apple has announced that it has made Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X for $ 90 free, for a total of $ 500. While Final Cut Pro X is already free, Logic Pro X will be available soon with its free version.

Apple has made a new announcement to please billions of people who have closed their home due to coronavirus. Company video editing software Final Cut Pro X and music editing software Logic Pro X'I, For 90 days announced that it was free. Final Cut Pro X free to offer starting company, in the coming days Logic Pro X ’i will distribute it to its users for free.

The coronavirus caused many people around the world to close to their homes, including our country. While some's school was some holiday, people started to get bored with sitting at home. Apple's Free for 90 days these two applications will help people improve themselves in different areas. Apple announced on the subject, “We hope that our customers who are at home and looking for new things to master will give these free applications a chance." said.

Final Cut Pro Xalready had a 30-day trial period, but Logic X Pro The free trial version is made for the first time. According to Apple's statement, users who are already using the 30-day trial version of Final Cut Pro X will also be able to use the new 90-day free version.


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Many companies make their applications for free

Apart from Apple, many companies offer their applications for free. For example, Avid's music software Pro Tools also released a 90-day free version. Other than those who give guitar lessons Fender playThere is also a 90-day free version.

The price of Final Cut Pro X, given by Apple's 90-day trial version At $ 300 The price of Logic Pro X 200. When we look at the price of these two software according to the current rate An amount of 3200 TL Emerges. If you are tired of sitting at home, you can take a look at these applications offered by Apple.

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