Apple Operating Systems' Second Bets Published

Apple continued the beta program without losing speed and released the second beta version of the operating system, full of innovations. Today, Apple; iOS 12.2, watchOS 5.2, macOS released Mojave 10.14.4 and tvOS 12.2 operating system versions for developers.


            Apple Launches Beta Version of MacOS Mojave 10.14.4

The 2nd bet of Apple iOS 12.2 with Animoji; Giraffe, Shark, Owl and Pig, a total of 4 more animals were added. The further diversification of the Animoji animals, which make messaging very entertaining, will allow users to convey their feelings and what they want to tell more successfully to the opposite side.


            A Brief Summary for Everyone: Why is Apple Failing?

As you may recall, Apple's iOS 12.2's first beta included HomeKit TV support, the availability of Apple News in Canada, the quality of air in Maps, innovations for Apple Pay, and many performance enhancements to the iOS operating system. Apple's Internet browser The "alerting when a secure HTTPS connection is not used" feature coming from Safari was quite pleased with the experience of 1st beta.