Apple Receives Flexible and MicroLED Screen Smart Watch Patent

Apple's new patent reveals details of the flexible display cord and the Apple Watch model with the MicroLED display

. The patent for the smart watch model, which now includes both MicroLED display technology and a part of the cord, is now patented.


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As can be seen from the images in the patent, this time Apple is not limited to a square OLED display. The sides of the watch are close to the screen. A number of different usage scenarios can be raised

First of all, it is possible to switch to a much more visible display area than a square screen area restricted to smart watches. However, it is not known whether this flexible display cord can be changed at this time

If a switchable system is created, it can be a module that will add additional functions to the smart clock. There are many different usage scenarios with watchOS.


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Although Apple has often come up with MicroLED technology, it is unlikely that a model with this technology will emerge in 2019. This screen technology, which is both thinner and less energy efficient, can play a key role in Apple's flexible display devices. Of course, it is not clear whether such a product will reach the end consumer.

In the meantime, OLED display technology will continue to be used in both Apple Watch and iPhone models.