Apple Removes the Sale Restriction for its Devices

Apple; last week it had restricted sales to some products such as iPhone, iPad and MacBook. The company decided to lift the restriction this week. The exact reason for the decision to restrict thought to be taken due to coronavirus is unknown.

Appleseems to have abandoned the bulk purchase restriction decision it brought last week. This decision taken last week coronavirus outbreak It was thought to be taken to prevent people from stocking, but at the moment this decision has been lifted outside of China. The restriction was valid only for online purchases. As it is known, Apple stores are currently closed due to coronavirus outbreak.

It is said that there are problems in Apple's supply chain due to the coronavirus epidemic and factory workers do not want to go to work due to the virus. For this reason, Apple has in order not to run out he may have had to put such a restriction.

Restriction order has been removed:


Apple's restricted products and quantities were as follows:

  • MacBook Air 2020 / (Maximum 5 for one customer)
  • Mac Mini 2020 / (Maximum 5 for one customer)
  • iPad Pro 2020 / (Maximum 2 for one customer)
  • iPhone 11 / (Maximum 2 for one customer)
  • iPhone 11 Pro / (Maximum 2 for one customer)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max / (Maximum 2 for one customer)

It is a good development to remove these restrictions, but it is worth noting that the number of users who buy such large quantities is limited.


Apple Accepts Problem With Personal Access Point Feature

MacBook Air 2020; with its enhanced keyboard, With its faster processor, 6K image support and Thunderbolt 3 for faster data transfer, it showed its quality. On the other hand, the Mac Mini 2020 was presented to users with more modest features. The iPad Pro 2020 also attracted attention with its improved camera.

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