Apple to Keep the Future Light with New Patents

One of the best ways for technology firms to invest in the future is undoubtedly the patent phase. Because patenting a new technology by another company creates serious costs and legal problems when you want to use it.

Apple is one of the most serious businesses that have done the most serious job of patenting and working intensively. Apple, with its patents and tips on future products, first comes out with the "pixel depth detection" system. Under normal conditions, digital cameras and advanced telephones are also exposed. With Apple's latest patent, it's trying to achieve it with a single camera, not a dual camera or three cameras. It is not clear at this time whether it will do it digitally or physically. However, since the goal is to create depth of field with single-camera phones, we can say that we are thinking about more reasonably priced devices.

These patents are not only for smartphones, of course. Apple Watch smart clocks also notify you of some enhancements in the future. Accordingly, blood pressure and blood pressure to work on a string that can be measured.


This cord, which swells like a digital blood pressure gauge and examines the pulse movements, obtains important information about your health and your current situation.
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Another patent taken by Apple is the "concave" screen patio. This detail, which is reflected on some flexi televisions and monitors, gives the device better image clarity and durability while providing minimal protection from the bumps. In the coming years, these screens are expected to be used on tablets, computers and phones.