Apple to Use USB Type-C on 2019 Model iPhones

The new iPhone models, expected to have three rear cameras, are expected to be introduced this year. Unable to stand the persistence of Apple, the traditional "Lightning" input instead of USB Type-C. In the last quarter, Apple's future is about to be compromised, with 15% less revenue compared to the same period of the previous year. For this reason, the company is preparing to make great innovations are spoken. According to Bloomberg, we'll see Apple abandoning its traditions on the next iPhone models. With the new update, cameras will be able to measure distance and depth with laser. This will further enhance the augmented reality applications and features of iPhone.


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Apple will also replace the conventional electrical input with the USB-C input. In this way, the next generation of iPhone phones with third-party devices or with different chargers will be possible to use.

Bloomberg'in news also mentioned the following rumors:

Apple will release a new, more cost-effective 10-inch iPad.
The company will release a new version of the iPad Mini this year, which was released in 2015.
iOS13 will be the dark mode.
iPad users will have the opportunity to open multiple tabs in one app in iOS13. (Like Google Chrome tabs.)
iOS13 will have 2 new subscription services: Apple magazines and original video content.

As Apple's plans become clear, we will continue to pass on to you.