Apple Uploads 5 New Videos to YouTube Channel

Apple uploaded videos on the YouTube page describing its features, Face ID feature and how many features are used.

Apple uploaded videos with the theme "How to do" on the official YouTube account yesterday. For example, the video features of the company include: camera features, wallet, face ID, etc.

The time of every uploaded video is approximately 15 seconds and is based on showing a single feature on the iPhone. In one video, it shows the water resistance of the device, while in another it shows how you can use your face as a password.



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In the camera features, they show how to take great pictures by showing ini Key Photo ’feature in Live Photos. In the other two videos, they focus on Wallet and Apple Support applications.

Apple; He regularly uploads short videos on his YouTube page ”how to hakkında about devices such as the iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. If you're an Apple user, you can follow the company's YouTube page to get a full command of your device.