Apple Will Add More iOS Items to MacOS's Interface

The macOS 10.15, which macOS users are looking forward to, seems to meet expectations. MacOS, which recently revealed new details about the iPad, has now come out with details about Siri

Apple, which has been so efficient in the 2018 and 2019 period, has not been able to develop macOS. According to the latest news, more iOS elements will be added to the interface of macOS.

The news from 9to5Mac team Guilherme Rambo has announced that MacOS, already hosting Siri, will add Siri's shortcuts to its interface very soon. As you know, Siri's functions in macOS were very limited.


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In his article, he added that with MacOS 10.15 the Siri Estimates as well as the Display Time feature can be published. ] RELATED NEWS

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The anticipated macOS will be officially released at WWDC 2019 (International Developer Conference). You can follow us for more details on this topic.