Apple's Facebook's Worker Has Hired Someone

Sandy Parakilas, who had worked on Facebook and determined that his company's data sharing policy would have bad results years ago, was transferred to Apple. . The Cupertino-based company uses the meticulousness of device security and user privacy as a tactic to its competitors, while it is also appreciated by consumers who have concerns about personal data and security. "
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Apple's latest ise security ‘move was a kind of sound. The company hired Sandy Pararakilas, a former Facebook employee and one of the harshest critics of the social media giant's privacy policy, as its product manager.

Before leaving in 2012, Parakilas served on Facebook for 18 months. The role of Paracilas in this process was to check whether developers were adapting to Facebook's privacy and policies. He repeatedly warned top Facebook officials that data sharing policies had the potential to produce negative results while he was working, but his alerts were not taken very seriously.

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Seeing that his concerns were not taken seriously by Facebook, Parakilas resigned from his post at the social media giant to work at UBER. With the outbreak of the Cambridge Analytica scandal last year, the eyes were once again translated into Parakilas. Parakilas presented the UK and the European Commission Commission with evidence of Facebook's data breaches and stated that the company's data sharing policy is far beyond the limits.