Apple's Logos 150 people wanted to memorize by heart

An experiment on over 150 people showed that the brand logos we thought we knew all about were not at all ours.

Knowing that Apple's logo is a 'bitten apple' is probably not a miracle work. However, a team that is trying to show that when you close your eyes, the logon is not at all related to the actual logotype, it is a very interesting experiment. A total of 150 people were asked to draw Apple logos in either color or black and white.

'Apple' Drawings by 150 People

The table above is ordered from left to right and from top to bottom, at least as similar, but most like it. So the logos on the table mean that the closer you are to the right, the more similar. As you can see, most of the logos are fraudulent. Almost all kinds of people exist as they are depicted as a log fountain box, in the shape of a crescent.

How did the drawn logolar stand on the iPhone?

Work done is not limited to Apple. The same team also performed similar tests for the logos of 10 major companies. According to the result of the research, 56% perfection is drawing close, IKEA logo is the most easily drawn logo. At the end of the list is Starbucks with a 6% accurate drawing.

Finally, let's look at the logo drawing rates of 10 different brands: