Apple's New Rules for Crypto Money Applications

made an update to the Apple developer's guide and clearly highlighted that apps designed for crypto money mining were not much appreciated on the App Store.

In our post we shared in our last day's Koin Bulletin, we covered it. Apple's new rules prevent devices such as the iPhone and iPad from being used for crypto money mining. However, Apple has left an openness for those who want to mining on these devices, despite the ban. As long as they perform the mining operation on the 'cloud', they will be able to continue their operations without any problems.

Apple's guide to power efficiency states that "Applications, including any third-party ads that appear in the application, The irrelevant background processes such as crypto money mining can not be sustained .

For those who want to see new updates from Apple more clearly, the part of the guide that pertains to crypto money is as follows:

3.1.5 '(b) Cryptograms:

  • Wallets: Applications may allow digital money to be stored as long as they are presented by developers who have registered as a particular institution.
  • Mining: Except for processing equipment (eg cloud based mining ) as long as the applications are not crypto pa
  • Stocks: Applications may allow crypto money transactions or transfers on an approved exchange, as long as they are presented by the stock exchange itself.
  • ICOs: ICOs, crypto money based futures trading, other crypto money
  • Crypto-money applications can be used to download different applications, download other users, or download other applications. to send money on social networks, etc.