Apple's Praise for Qualcomm in Private Talks

According to a Washington Post story showing the secret court documents, it was revealed that Apple was praising the company's products in private talks during the two-year legal war between them and Qualcomm, despite the fact that the company was praising its products in private talks.

and another statement, the engineering of the chip manufacturer, "a unique patent share."

The secret documents, after Tuesday's surprise agreement provided by Qualcomm.

Apple and its manufacturing partners said that the license payment they made to Qualcomm was valid for all of a device, and hence the wages were quite high; He had argued that they should only pay for their modem chips. Qualcomm argued that its technology encompassed many other elements, such as GPS and multimedia, that should be compensated for.


            From Apple to Qualcomm

According to the Washington Post, Apple said it had accepted the company as one of the most powerful portfolios for all patents related to wireless standards in a 2009 memorandum of qualcomm on the purchase of its modems for iPhones.

nor from Qualcomm yet.