Application Denied for Removal of Crypto Money Prohibited in India Rejected

In India, the Court of Appeals rejected an application to remove a number of prohibitions against the crypto parliament by the Indian Central Bank. Crypto Kanoon made up of a group of Indian lawyers who follow the legal process of crypto money and Blockchain sharing the news from public account with the name Twitter account; twelve on 11 May used the following expressions:

"The Court of Cassation dismissed the application we made in the direction of lifting this ban imposed by the Indian Central Bank. The next hearing will be seen on May 17. "

In the appeal text sent by the joint signature of 11 different institutions working on various issues related to crypto money and Blockchain, the Court of Cassation requested that this law be temporarily lifted. However, according to information obtained from the minutes of the memorandum, this ban will continue for the time being, and the date for the next meeting will be May 17.

Indian crypto money entrepreneurs who want to lift the ban until all is clear and want to overcome the uncertainty in the sector

In a statement made by the Indian Central Bank last month, banks and other payment platforms regulated on the legal ground were told to cancel the payment service they offered to the crypto money exchanges, and this was the case in the whole world, investors had attracted intense reaction. While many crypto react to the money-making initiative and the managers of those initiatives;

"With the new regulations coming into force from now on, institutions regulated by the Bank of India are prohibited from providing services to institutions and institutions providing services related to crypto money. Under the scope of this service, there are many things such as account arrangement, payment, registration, trade, credit. All these systems are now forbidden. "

While many people were taking serious reactions, the famous investor Tim Draper who spoke about the topic, fired at the government of India. Indra Prime Minister Narendra Modi Draper said it was extremely unusual for him to hear from his alleged corruption allegations, but he said he could not understand the law:

"I am not sure if this move is really well planned. I understand the prime minister's reservations about corruption, but when he says that this ban will remedy it, he is seriously harming other things. Many crypto money and blockhain enterprises doing business in India will pick up the pinnacle after these reports and go abroad to add value. The only reason for this is that these are meaningless bans. "

In April this time a group of South American countries in Chile published a jointly signed text, applied to. In the context of the application, there was the issue of crypto money and bank bans in the country similar to those in India. Buda, Orionx and CryptoMarket (CryptoMKT), from the largest crypto currency exchanges in the country, while commercial and central banks in Chile began to monopolize the business and made arbitrary decisions;

In an appeal to the board of trustees on 25 April, the Buddha asked for the reopening of accounts registered in the company's two largest banks in Chile. Coin Telegraph