Archaeologists Have Found the Untouched Mayan Cave for centuries

A ritual cave with dozens of historical artifacts was discovered in the works for the discovery of ancient buildings dating back to the Maya

The cave, called Balamku, is known as the cave of Jaguar God. There may have been discoveries in the cave that made religious rituals in the antiquity, which would enable us to obtain new information about the rise and fall of the empire.

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The Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) 's cave chain consists of seven rings. The cave has a very interesting story that can inspire horror films or animations of Guillermo Del Toro. The cave discovered by the villagers in the region in 1966 was first explored by archaeologist Victor Segovia Pinto. Although the archaeologist stated that there was plenty of archaeological material in the cave, he left the area by sealing the cave instead of excavating. These discoveries were later forgotten

In the cave where archaeologists could crawl for several meters, some 110 ancient antiquities were found. Although the number of archeology, the works of information is not as much as the capacity to reveal the emergence of new secrets of the work is certain. The vases, plates and other objects found among the artifacts in the cave were not damaged.


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Exploring the discovery of the National Geographic channel has been the forerunner. In fact, the team looking for water tables under Chichen Itza found it by chance. In the subsequent studies, new generation cave archeology technologies were used. 3-D modeling and investigations have revealed this chain of caves

. Mayan people who believe that there are doors to the underground world of caves and pits may have left these works as voters. The fuel in the gas lamps in the cave will reveal the period of these offerings. Thanks to these findings, we will have a chance to learn how the Mayans lived and what happened to Chichen Itza, which collapsed in 1200s.