Are the financial giants trying to prevent crypto adaptation?

The companies operating in the centerless crypto-currency field are frequently in conflict with their counterparts in traditional markets. Financial giants, which are now in control of the systems that facilitate the withdrawal and deposit operations integrated with the crypto ecosystem, see the new generation of crypto companies as a serious competitor.

Financial giants such as JP Morgan and HSBC are able to close the bank accounts of crypto-money companies for various reasons

According to a report published by Bloomberg, crypto companies are usually HSBC Holdings Plc and JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Traditional financial institutions have been consistently cautious against the crypto-money community since they emerged ten years ago. Several senior financiers even described the market as getir fraud sınırlı and esi deception. Dol

Despite the crypto-money industry, which wants a free regulatory system, some people want the government to take steps to bring about limited but necessary guidelines for fraud and manipulation.

Although Bitcoin (BTC) has come a long way since the days of to Silk Road, tutmak a uniform ban has been imposed by large banks to keep crypto companies away.

among the companies. Among them, the bank accounts in Kraken, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America Corp. were soon closed. CEO Jesse Powell claimed he had to a use money laundering art, to survive.

This attitude of banks led crypto companies to different solutions

However, some crypto advocates have moved away from the traditional banking and fiat sector to the problem, they consider the adoption as an opportunity to increase. In fact, salaries in many crypto-money companies are made through digital assets, including fiat-supported stable coins.

Lamb's views on the subject are as follows:

The banking system was never appropriate for the crypto, and perhaps it was a risk in the early days. not all crypto enterprises can be considered as high-risk.

In the light of this conflict, crypto-money companies compete for better banking relationships to strengthen their financial base.

NKB Group Intermediary Institution President Ben Sebley sums up what follows:

Rejecting basic banking is insane, blocking growth in the sector and challenging companies to be creative to solve the problem


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