Arrangements for High Income Companies

US Senator Eliazbeth Warren; High-income companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook have an advantage in competition.

As the election time for the United States approaches, the candidates continue to announce their promises. Candidate Elizabeth Warren; Satış They should either run a platform or focus on stores (where they sell their own products), asında he said, adding that the companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook are overwhelming. Google does not display its products in Google Search, and Facebook needs to separate Instagram and WhatsApp.


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The interesting part of all these explanations was as follows. When Warren listed companies requiring such 'distinction', he mentioned companies that had a certain share in the market and earned more than $ 25 billion a year, but other than the three companies mentioned above fits perfectly: Apple.

25 billion a year Apple, which earns much more than the dollar, has its own operating system in the App Store and distributes its own applications here.

This was discussed during the interview with Senator Warren, questions were raised. The part about the interview with Apple was as follows:

Reporter: You recently mentioned a strict policy to differentiate three of the world's largest firms. Amazon, Google, and Facebook were the ones you list, and you've shown that they have a global income of over $ 25 billion, as well as their activity in the markets they operate in.

Warren: Yes.

Warren: Apple. They are also included in this recognition and practice.

Reporter: So you want to parse Apple.

Warren: Yes.

Reporter: You've been quite clear about your plans to separate Google and other companies.

Warren: Apple should leave the App Store. So you have to choose one of the two. They should either run a platform or focus on stores (where they sell their own products). They can't do both at the same time.

Reporter: Aside from that, the App Store is a way for Apple to keep iPhones safe. Integrated into the platform. How can it deliver applications as long as Apple and Google (app) are not running their stores?

Warren: Good, good, but who is competing with others who develops the products? This is the main problem, and we have to fix it.

If you are running a platform where others (competitors) can sell, you can't sell your own products because you have two advantages. First, before you decide what to sell (customers) you have all the information about what they buy and what they sell. The second one is that you can handle your own product in front of other products because you manage the platform. This puts you at the forefront of competition.


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This plan, which Warren proposed as a presidential promise, in fact, concerns not only the US but everyone on a global scale. With this bill, which tries to prevent the growth of large companies in a way, small businesses or entrepreneurs can get a share in the market. Of course, there are two conditions for this plan to come into force since it is an election promise: the arrival of 2020 and the election of Elizabeth Warren as President of the United States.