Artificial Intelligence Can Detect the Disease from Breath Scent

It has been reported that artificial intelligence will overcome the disadvantages of the relatively weak sense of smell in humans.

British scientists teach artificial intelligence to smell the human breath and recognize signs of the disease journalist in the world.

Loughborough University's data group developed some mathematical models for the task. With these modalities, artificial intelligence will be able to detect some types of cancer among hundreds of compounds present in the human nerve while they are still in early stages.

Sensitive devices that can detect very small quantities of air are long-lasting and used by some laboratories. And in the early days of diseases, some studies are being carried out in order to benefit from this technology.

A team of academicians, doctors, nurses, radiologists to detect diseases from human breath, samples of breath from patients who received cancer treatment collected. Then these samples were analyzed by chemists and computer scientists.

The first study focused on identifying a group of chemicals, often referred to as 'aldehydes', associated with stressful illnesses, often accompanied by a pleasant smell.

Artificial intelligence, samples in just a few minutes.

The process is both less costly and more reliable in terms of results.

Moreover, this technology is not limited to the recognition of any special material