'Artificial Sun' by Chinese Authorities Will Be Completed This Year

Chinese officials will complete the 'Artificial Sun' they are working on this year, according to their statements. A clean and unrestricted source of energy may be more than just a dream.

Last November, the Chinese scientists simulated the process of nuclear fusion of the Sun and described it as a kind of 'Artificial Sun'.

The same scientists are preparing for the construction of a 'Artificial Sun'. Scientists claim that the nuclear fusion process at the ion temperature by breaking a milestone of 50 million centigrade degree, the order for the ion has 100 million centigrade degree. Before the end of the year, HL-2M stated that its engineers were working all the time to make the artificial sun, called Tokamak, ready to work.

"The plasma of the Artificial Sun consists mostly of electrons and ions," said Duan Xuru, adding that "the Tokamak devices we already have reached an electron temperature of 100 million celsius in the core plasma. sant

According to Duan Xuru, HL-2M Tokamak will have an ion temperature of almost 100 million degrees Celsius. This number is almost 7 times the actual Sun's ion temperature that illuminates the sky!

If everything goes as expected, HL-2M Tokamak is a clean and Unlimited energy can make their dreams come true.