ASELSAN Explains the Success of Our Country in Domestic Production

ASELSAN provided 70 percent success rate in domestic and national production. This rate will apply specific strategies to increase the board.

ASELSAN Chairman of Turkey's major defense industry companies, 70 percent of companies achieve success through domestic production, he said. Speaking at the Gebze Chamber of Commerce's July Ordinary Assembly Meeting, ASELSAN Chairman and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün explained that national and local productions at 20-25 percent levels reached 70 percent.


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According to Görgün, ASELSAN has become an international company especially with the operation of Olive Dali and Fırat Kalkan in Afrin. Turkey's ASELSAN for the further renewal of the arms industry who want to grow, nationalization and indigenization in the current situation identified as key targets. Görgün said, "ASELSAN has one hundred percent or substantial contributions in every device, platform, system that the Turkish armed forces can use to think of.

The ASELSAN Executive Board is working to develop sub-contractors and subsidiary industries for the development of the defense industry on the one hand. Currently there are over 770 subcontractors in ASELSAN. Görgün says that working with ASELSAN reflects the production quality of the companies and allows them to export abroad.


Among these companies, it adds that they are working with Airbus and Boeing after reaching a certain quality level.
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According to Görgün's statements, the ASELSAN shares traded at 15 percent in the stock market rose to 25 percent. Over $ 100 million of foreign investment has entered the country. In addition, ASELSAN stated that taking 100 thousand liras of the fortune will earn 30 to 35 thousand liras in 1.5 months.