Audioeng the World Famous Brand Audio Systems in Turkey!

customers it offers handmade compact speakers and other products with the level of many on the sound experience to the Audioeng to, along with Bircom now in Turkey.

world-renowned sound system to Audioeng the brand, the speaker of the broad product portfolio have they, amplifiers,

Audioengine loudspeakers offered for sale with the slogan 'Not plastic, real speaker', silk tweeter, kevlar woofer unlike similar speakers,

Offering aptX and aptX HD support to its customers, Audioengine clearly distinguishes quality using Class A and Class B amplifiers, not C, D, E and F class amplifiers, unlike other brands. All of the wired and wireless Audioengine speakers are handmade.

Old school style Audioengine speakers are small enough to be placed on a desktop or raft, but they do not compromise on the analog speaker experience with first class sound quality. Speakers, of course, compatible with all music applications.

Bircom distributor in Hifimyf in many of the canyon to experience Audioeng the speakers coming to Turkey are available from the store. Audioengine models are sold in Turkey B2, HD3, HD6, A5 +, A2 +, and P4 will HDP6.