Augmented Reality: Niantic Announces Catan World Explorers AR Mobile Game

The developer studio Niantic has launched a new augmented reality game called Catan – World Explorers. The mobile game “turns neighborhoods, villages and cities around the world into a giant Catan game board”Niantic writes in his press release.

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Similar to Pokémon Go or Wizards Unite (Harry Potter Go), players should apparently be able to search for resources all over the world. In Catan it is said to be brick, wood, grain, ore and wool, among other things. You can use it to build roads, stomp settlements and collect victory points.

Exactly how Catan – World Explorers works and where the differences to Pokémon Go are, is not yet known. The first pictures on the official website are very reminiscent of the titles previously produced by Niantic.

Catan is said to be Niantic “soon ready for the market” So far, there are no concrete details about the release date and the targeted platforms. However, a more or less simultaneous release on Android and iOS is very likely.

The program is a collaboration between Niantic, a developer studio called Catan, and Asmodee Digital, a company specializing in board game implementation.

An important technical basis is the so-called Niantic Real World Platform, i.e. the database with the position points used worldwide in the games. The platform prevents a collection point from being generated for players in the middle of the sea or on a motorway.

The Die Siedler von Catan, which was invented by the German game author Klaus Teuber, came onto the market in 1995 as a board game, and since then it has developed into a worldwide success. In addition to numerous extensions, there are also implementations for PCs, consoles and handhelds. With the construction game series The Settlers from Blue Byte, Catan has nothing to do with the scenario except for some similarities.

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