Augur Over CryptoKitties: $ 400,000 First Day Bet!

Augur, a decentralized forecasting and assertion platform that had been in development for about two years, gave good news and made its way out to the market two days ago.

Augur users can be described as a prediction platform and market where they can predict and bet on many issues from presidential elections to soccer games. Once the forecast has been generated, users can buy shares on the results they prefer, and the trade is automatically performed on the blockchain after the outcome.

Augur users started to make bumps and collapses on the system after waiting for such a long time.

A user was so eager that he did not even wait for the user interface.

On Tuesday, after the Augur protocol, the profit-driven Forecast Foundation could tell you what happened to them after running the platform market: at 5:00 (UTC), the first forecasting markets began to be created, and at the end of the day

During the debate on how the betting market was created on the platform for the match between England and Croatia, a user said, "Someone must really be the first to be

Still, it is somewhat difficult to say that the crypto world is as enthusiastic as this impatient user.

Since centripetal applications (applications built on a blockchain but not a single entity) are a new phenomenon and are of much interest, it seems a bit difficult to fail in this area. Nevertheless, there is also a rugged method that can place Augur one step ahead of other highly used Ethereum-based decentralized applications, and there are rumors that Augur is on the right track.

Only 12 hours after Augustur's release, According to DappRadar 's data, the platform was the fifth most popular decentralized application in terms of the total number of users.

However, according to the press time, Augur has lost this seat to CryptoKitties from the other side. Augur's current position ranks 7th.

Even in this situation Augur'u is enough to make big fish in a very small sea. Augur has more than 300 wallet addresses using smart contracts. Augur is an incredible spot, according to the volume of these smart contracts processed. CryptoKitties has a volume of 31 ether in volume, like Augur 506 Ether.

Beyond this measure, however, Augur's low-pay betting option, which governments can not easily overcome, creates the basic feature and advantage of the platform.

A user expressed the following on Augur'un Discord channel:

"I thought the corporations would jump directly to Augur, but I see it was a very pure idea."

Successful, unsuccessful

Compared to crypto currencies that are currently competing, there are uncertainties as to whether Augur's exit to the market is a success

Winning hundreds of daily users within a day is a rare occasion for a decentralized practice .

Analyzing public blockchain sub-structures and providing them with data Coinmetrics is a good example of a cochlear implant. . Nicola Carter founding partner of the web page named would adopt this view that he tweeted:

The other side of the medallion is a little bit different. Augur's two-year development process has caused a lot of people to expect a lot from the project, and the impression that he is good at all may not satisfy everyone.

Founder and managing partner of Multicoin Capita Kyle Samani stated in a statement in June :

"I think it will probably be the most used decentralized application as soon as the Augur market arrives."

but I have a lot of friends who are very excited about Augur. They work in the finance sector within Wall Street and they want to make a bet and build a market on Augur.

Later on, Samani's point of view changed a bit and stated:

"I'm not sure how much demand Augur'a will be."

19659023] Samani says that the 'team' wants the process to go 'slow and steady'.

User Experience Questions

But what has been the problem with the ethereum and blockchain networks in general is that Augur'un also happens: user experience. UX)

Sends on Discord are spinning around a series of repetitive distress: high gas prices (actually, it was not said that the pre-project prices would be so high that one of these users was missing), the Augur application is constantly experiencing connection problems, slow sync process.

The writer of a popular Reddit sender, who started 'Dear Augur elements', insisted that "put yourself in the place of the end user" and that these users

Some problems – the Augur application is constantly experiencing connection problems and crashes – developers may not be guilty, at least in a direct way.

A spokesperson from the Infura team said:

"The whole team is now on video with the Augur team, chat and work on the subject. "

" It is too early to connect an entire event to one thing. "

Brendan Bernstein, from the founding partners of Tetras Capital

"Applications such as Augur will ultimately centralize Ethereum, ultimately, by forcing users to rely on reliable endorsement institutions."

Brendan's Infrastructure is also among the validating institutions he emphasizes.

The founder of the platform Joey Krug responded to comments on the user experience of the critics on Twitter.

The team behind Augur said that all of this would be better over time.

"Shuan knows that the Augur user experience is bad only because of the problems that arise in the mainstream production network.

Augur, who is not even a full week at the moment, has plenty of time to solve user experience problems.

Founding partner in Forecast Foundation Joey Krug A few minutes before being released to the Augur market,

"This is the first step in a long way."

Will Augur be able to rule CryptoKitties again?