Autonomous driving: Waymo cars complete 20 million test miles

Autonomous cars from the Alphabet subsidiary Waymo have now driven a total of more than 20 million miles on public roads. The head of the company, John Krafcik, had this in a discussion round of the magazine Fortune announced at CES in Las Vegas.

It had taken ten years to reach the ten million miles mark, Waymo wrote on Twitter. The next ten million were then reached in just one year.

Formerly located directly in the Google Labs, the technology for autonomous driving has been developed since 2009. It is tested in the Toyota Prius, Lexus SUV, Chrysler Pacifica and Jaguar i-Pace car models. Waymo is currently working on adapting its developments to trucks. The company has been offering a robot taxi service in Phoenix, Arizona, for a good year.

Alphabet's self-developed car autonomously curves through Mountain View in California.
(Image: Google.)


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