Autonomous Vehicles Too Far

According to Ford, self-driving vehicles have more to come. Vehicles that take self-winding corners and prevent accidents are present today. These vehicles occasionally ask the driver to confirm that the vehicle is in the vehicle and the control itself, and otherwise, the car is parked in a safe place and is looking for the emergency service. "
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Ford, who has extensive work on autonomous vehicles, says that the production of fully autonomous vehicles is far more than expected. In this context, Ford foresaw that even if it invests more than $ 4 billion to develop autonomous vehicle technology, the full use of this technology will take place in much later years. "
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With more than 100 years of experience in Michigan, USA, motor vehicle manufacturer Ford says it will continue its efforts to position itself among the leaders of the autonomous vehicle sector through "mobility". We will be sharing with you by following the steps that Ford will take.