Bancor creates crypto protectors after big hacking

Bancor, a unique underscored stock exchange platform, promised to defeat cybercrime threats against a crypto paralegal, a blogger whose operations he continued after a $ 12 million hacking this week.

Guy Benartzi, the founder of the platform,

It is planned that this move will be an attempt to combat crime with an enormous amount of resources and talent to fight crime.

The coalition of crypto protectors enterprise, platform and other unspecified crypto-money-industry enterprises.

Members of the Bancor are targeting the critics

Litecoin's founding partner, Charlie (19659007), said in his written statement:

Members will work together to alert, On July 9th, Lee disclosed the following to Twitter:

If the client can lose their funds or freeze their funds, the exchange will not spread from one center. This is a miscalculation.

Another comment on this issue came from Tone Vays.

The user funds are not secure.

The 25,000 ETH stolen belongs to BNT proprietors.

– We were stolen from a smart contract to fund BNT liquidity, and they were put there by BNT token buyers. CoinTelegraph

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