Bancor hacked: The size of the impatience is millions of dollars

CoinDesk's token creation platform Bancor went offline after a security breach yesterday.

The platform was exposed to security breaches by notifying Bancor of its offline status after being attacked through its official Twitter account.

A representative from Bancor said, "We have gone into maintenance mode to complete the investigation and will publish a more detailed report in the coming hours. We look forward to being online again as soon as possible. "

The developments lived a year after Bancor sold $ 153 million in ICO, where the biggest wholesale sale of the time occurred.

First, it was stated that the user's wallets were not affected by the attack.

An observer claimed that 25,000 ETHs were stolen, valued at about $ 12.5 million.

Bancor also served as a decentralized stock market and allowed the creation of new cryptographic tokens. According to Bancor's official Nate Hindman, the transfer of BNTs is blocked, but not for stolen Ether's.

According to a recent statement by Bancor, 230 million NPXS worth $ 1 million, 3.2 million BNT worth $ 10 million 25 thousand ETH worth $ 12.5 million was played.

Hindman says, "It is not possible to freeze BNT tokens, but to freeze ETH or any other token stolen.

According to Hindman, Bancor identified the cause of the attack and removed the vulnerability from it.

Bancor said that he had been online again within 24 hours

This event affected the price of Bancor's BNT token as well. According to the data obtained from CoinMarketCap, BNT decreased by 14 percent to 2.72 dollars.