Battle Royale Game SCUM's "Nazi Support" Charge

SCUM from the successful games of the last days became the focus of the notorious accusations of a tattoo in the game that was supposed to represent the Nazi movement.

Devolver Digital's most successful game


The Scum, the Scum subreddit user, fell into a difficult situation after being spotted by an open world survival and battle royale game,
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The detail that the Scum member notices is interesting, on the fact that the numbers 14 and 88 on the vestiges of one of the characters in the game are symbolic of a Nazi origin. The number 14 is used as a reference to "Fourteen Words" (14 words) representing the superiority of white, while the figure 88 represents the encrypted form of the slogan of Heil Hitler in the alphabet.



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Following this accusation, the other players and the Croteam Incubator team emphasized that this is a game and that people who are disturbed by the content of the game are free to play. The Croteam Incubator team, who took the statement about the subject a step further: "If the game starts to change just because it hurts the feelings of somebody, it does not come to an end, it is a character and boring game without weapons."

approaching Devolver Digital: "We are not Nazis, we are not even Germans. Although our intention was not bad, we realized that the subject was unnecessary. While developing games with gamepires, our goal was to portray the prison environment and the people within it in the best possible way. However, we understand the discomfort, and there is no room for ideological symbols of hate in our games. We apologize every time we ignore it and we miss it. "