Battlefield 5 Coming to Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a type of game that we haven't seen before

In recent years, the Battle Royale game genre has become very popular among the players. Companies that didn't want to miss this opportunity started adding the Battle Royale mode to their games. At the beginning of February images of the Battle Royale mode of the legendary game series Battlefield 5 appeared in Electronic Arts (EA), announcing the new Battle Royale game Apex Legends.
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Battlefield 5 In the Battle Royale mode, which will be called Firestorm, there is plenty of innovation that we haven't seen in such games before. The players shot down by the enemies can be shot and killed by the guns in their hands while they are waiting to be removed.


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~ Battlefield 5 Firestorm's new "Provenance" map. Players; helicopters, tanks, airships, bots and more can be used while playing the tool Firstorm. There is no military class – sniper, assault, medical, support – in the Firestorm. Each player starts the game in the same classification and fights. There is no information on when to release the new game mode.