Be emobil: Berlin charging stations converted to consumption billing

The capital loads after kilowatt hour: At the public Berlin Be-mobile charging stations since 15 August 2019 charged according to charged amount of electricity. So far, there was only a flat rate for a charge. As the Berlin Senate announced, costs after the new tariff a kilowatt hour at an AC charger 39 cent and at a DC loader 59 cent – however not for the final customers. The mobility service providers (MSPs) will be given access to the charging infrastructure at the price stated above. These in turn calculate a price for the electric car driver on this basis.

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The Be-mobile charging stations are operated by Allego. The Dutch company announced the changeover in June 2019 and since then upgraded the charging stations with a display and memory module (SAM) from EBG. This module allows a legally compliant billing of the charged amount of electricity, so that the temporary flat rate could be lifted again.

Since the beginning of 2018 a flat rate has been charged on the Be-mobile-loaders. Loading was then worthwhile only with largely empty battery. It was particularly annoying when the charging process stopped, as it happened to us last year in our test of the BMW i3s. For 0.16 kilowatt hours (kWh) – which according to the new tariff not even cost 7 cents – we paid the flat rate of 6 euros.

Reason for the flat rate was the German calibration law: It requires that the measurement results can be checked by the customer after receipt of the invoice. This is made possible by the new module, albeit somewhat cumbersome, as a test of revealed.

Accordingly, the electric car driver must enter both the beginning and the end of the billing process in kilowatt hours in the module. But only two buttons are available, so you have to press frequently for longer values ​​(see Quick Start Guide (PDF)). After input, the corresponding data record is displayed. In addition to the consumption value, this also contains the start time and the user ID. Measured values ​​under 60 seconds must therefore not be billed.

Allego currently operates about 290 charging stations with 540 charging points in Berlin. By the end of next year Allego wants to expand the infrastructure by about 400 more charging points. Then around 1,140 charging points will be available in public and semi-public areas. Of these, 40 are DC fast charging points (DC). The participating MSPs are Chargenow, EnBW, Ladenetz, Maingau Energie, New Motion and Plugsurfing.

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