Befund's ICO will arrive this weekend

The decentralized crypto money portfolio service platform, Befund, said it was the last opportunity for buyers of the weekly BFDT tokens to buy before the big crypto money exchanges had bought them later this year.

Crypto money and the public interest in Blockchain technology

This is a liberating tool that will become the international 'home base' for crypto currency trading, with the rise of time and the widening of attendance that has increased in attendance, as well as a huge openness to Befund's creators, crypto currency portfolio managers and enthusiasts.

While Befund's technical tools and services interact seamlessly with Blockchain technology, they are also user-friendly and easy to understand for everyone at the same time.

Befund is also a source of inspiration for creating its own platforms.

Befund's goal is to ensure that managers of cryptographic currencies are globally matched to meet the needs of their ever-growing cryptographic currency and token holders, and to be able to use their own expertise to create tokens for their chosen cryptographic currency portfolios.

Along with all the tools necessary to power and lead the future of crypto money transactions, Befund has taken informed measures to ensure that the platform is fully in line with current international legal frameworks.

Based on the platform's BFDChain, developers and portfolio managers, token owners and enthusiasts will be able to create their own decentralized applications (DAPPs).

Befund reports on profit reporting for companies, and a number of SaaS solutions such as KYC / AML services.

Befund has laid the foundations for a secure, robust and democratic Blockchain platform for the management of fund portfolios by the best portfolio managers.

While discussing Befund's plans and framework, Foreign Operations Director Khalil Lin said:

"Today, the crypto money market is a market where the development of related tools and digital infrastructure in the class. On the market, we believe that there is a lack of fund management for beginners. Tokenized funds will help build trust and ties among market participants. First of all, our goal is to speed up this process, solve the existing technical problems. As a result, we see Befund as an easy-to-use platform that can meet complex demands at the same time. "

Last week to sell tokens

The Befund platform is a BFDT token that will only be available for sale through the company's ICO until the end of the week to be strengthened with. A maximum of two billion BFDT will be awarded with 500 million BFDTs to be sold during ICO.

You can visit for more information about Befund.

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