Big bitcoin move from Samsung

Even before Samsung Electronics officially announced the launch of the Samsung Blockchain Wallet, some local sources reported that Samsung Pay may be behind high-profile crypto integration for the Galaxy S10.

The Korea Herald reported on January 29th. Samsung announces it will add a crypto coin to its Galaxy S10 devices and Samsung announced it officially after about 3 weeks

sources from the industry speaking to The Korea Herald, behind the Galaxy S10's crypto money wallet, 10 million active, 34 million users

un Samsung's new phones can make crypto money wallets popular in Korea. kr

etic Samsung's new phones can make crypto money wallets popular in Korea. kr

Samsung Pay with NFC technology A technology that allows you to pay on your phone with a credit or debit card without moving a card.

Donga, one of South Korea's largest media outlets, as a way of expanding this crypto money integration of Samsung Pay on 8 March as a

In the March edition of Shin Donga, one of the oldest and most popular magazines in the country, the report titled "Crypto coins return to their former days with Samsung Pay?", the report said:

ğ Samsung Pay has recently launched an international payment service targeting the global financial services market. At this stage, if a crypto-money wallet is added to Samsung Pay, the application will be further strengthened as a financial technology platform. While the Samsung Blockchain Wallet is said to support only Ethereum, other crypto coins can be added soon. 900

The Samsung Share's thinking of integrating crypto coins is consistent with the purchases and product launches it did in the past. In addition, Samsung's past successes in engaging in acquisitions, product launches and the integration of emerging technologies have prompted many analysts in South Korea to believe that Samsung Pay will play a leading role in the crypto-money industry.


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