Bill Gates Due To Coronavirus

Microsoft founder billionaire businessman and philanthropist Bill Gates answered questions about the coronavirus. Gates said he expects the effects of the coronavirus to continue until the fall of 2021.

Founder of Microsoft, one of the richest people in the world Bill gatesmade new statements about the coronavirus outbreak. Gates is responsible for getting rid of the coronavirus outbreak and returning to normal life. Autumn of 2021 reported that it could last until. Thinking that we could not get rid of the effect of this virus without developing the vaccine, the billionaire said that in countries affected by Covid-19, life may return to normal by the end of 2021.

Speaking to the PBS channel in the USA, Bill Gates, over a year ago Stating that it is not possible to develop, even after the epidemic disappears life will never be the same voiced. Gates, who exemplifies China, reminded that although coronavirus cases were taken under control in the country, people could not continue their lives as easily as in the past. People in China still return to their daily lives, but still not going out without a maskThey pay attention to things like controlling body temperatures.

We have a Chinese example ahead of us

Gates, who answered the question of how life will be in the upcoming period in the USA, cites China as an example,They send people to work, but they wear masks and constantly check their body temperature. They don't do big sports events. In this way, they were able to prevent the epidemic from increasing."Made a statement.


Supported by Bill Gates Starts Human Tests of Coronary Virus Vaccine

Continuing to spread rapidly all over the world coronavirusesis spreading faster, especially in cities where there are a lot of tourists. new York'S current situation confirms this thesis. Likewise, in our country, most of the coronavirus cases In Istanbul is shown as more overseas contact people.

According to this statement made by Bill Gates, the 18-month process ahead of us seems to be going to be very difficult. After getting rid of this process, it is possible to wake up to a completely different world.

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