Bill Gates on the 5G debate: "Judge Huawei objectively"

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has spoken out in favor of the political debate over the involvement of network equipment supplier Huawei in building the 5G networks for neutral controls. "Like all goods and services, Huawei should also be subject to an objective review," said Gates on Wednesday at an event New York Times, "Assuming that everything is bad, what comes from China, is a pretty crazy approach, if you want to benefit from innovation."

Gates argued for a less "paranoid" approach to Chinese technology and recommends more openness and control. "We were asked if Windows had any NSA stuff," Gates recalled. "So we gave governments the Windows source code, we made it transparent, which made them feel better, and Huawei can do just that." This is the path that the Federal Government has taken, and which also Huawei wants to go along – at least the company founder Ren Zhengfei recently confirmed.

Huawei is under international pressure. The US government has blacklisted the Chinese tech giant for unspoken espionage allegations. As a result, US companies are not allowed to do business with the corporation – including Google licenses for Huawei's Android smartphones. The regulator FCC wants to ban the use of Huawei hardware in US networks. At the same time, the US government is urging its allies to take a similarly tough course against the Chinese company.

In Germany, the debate is mainly on security concerns against Huawei's involvement in the development of 5G networks. While the Federal Government has so far followed Gates' preferred approach of independent control, more and more politicians are voting for a basic exclusion of the company from 5G expansion. Ericsson and Nokia can also supply hardware for the next-generation mobile networks, but network operators warn of higher costs and longer expansion times, should Huawei hit the spell beam.

The Microsoft founder warns against a spiral of mistrust. If high-tech countries do not trust each other, that's to the detriment of everyone. "How do we want to sell the Chinese an aircraft engine," says Gates. "There is a lot of software in such an engine." As you could also wonder if there is not a secret kill switch. "And what about Chinese employees – if you're so paranoid, what about code programmed by someone with Chinese ancestry – you should set objective standards."


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