Billions of Dollars Crypto Money Scams: The so-called OneCoin Leader Arrested

US prosecutors in New York have announced that investors have Böl billions. Of dollars worth of investment and a ği top leader o of the OneCoin project on the grounds that they operate a pyramid scheme.

Konstantin found the two names of Ignatov guilty of fraud, securities fraud and money laundering, and stated that the two had defrauded ik billions of dollars da by using crypto coins, including US citizens

. He was arrested on charges of phishing. According to the press release, prosecutors in the case emphasized that OneCoin was a pyramid (ponzi) structure and that members were commissioned to include other members in the project. According to the structure, people who were newly added to the system were also required to buy crypto money packages, and OneCoin was known for having more than 3 million members worldwide at that time.

but none of them were correct, according to the press release. It is also claimed that Ignatova has an e-mail on the subject, saying he has lam a strategy to escape the company. 4

US prosecutor Geoffrey Berman said on the subject that konu a crypto-money company based on lies and frauds

iddia They promised huge gains and minimal risks, but allegedly this was a pyramid structure of zero and one, all based on lies. While the defendants were rich, investors were made sacrificed. Ir

Ignatov was arrested by the tribunal, while Ignatova was not captured.