Binance Announces It Will Create Its Own NFT Market

Binance, one of the largest crypto currency exchanges today, announced today that it will create a market where users can trade NFT. It was also shared that the market will be operated in two different markets.

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binanceannounced that it has stepped into a new project today. Binance’s new project focuses on NFTs, the rising technology of the last period. The stock market is create their own NFTs, sell them and buy NFTs it creates a market.

Today, when it comes to NFT, platforms such as OpenSea, Nifty, Gateway, SuperRare and Valuables come to mind. The fact that a large stock exchange like Binance is also involved in this business shows us that NFT will come to a much different dimension in the coming months. also Seeing a few more cryptocurrency exchanges following Binance extremely possible.

The NFT field is growing:


According to the statement made by Binance, the market where NFTs will take place will be put into use next June. Platform, in this regard Will operate two different markets. While one market will be a ‘top-notch’ venue for the best auctions and exhibitions, the second market will be the standard market that anyone can use to issue new tokens.

90% of the revenues of the auctions to be held in the first market we mentioned will be transferred to the artists. 10% of the revenue will be directed to Binance. Binance, which receives 0.1% commission on every transaction in crypto money trading, is in the daily trading market in the NFT market 1% transaction fee will take. Creators are also constantly 1% copyright will take.


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Binance, the NFT market to be launched in June web page also published. But this page is currently only to follow the developments. a form you can fill out and business partnerships to create your own NFT and organize events A link to Binance takes place.