Binance CEO: We Can't Share Profit Due to Legal Issues

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, the largest crypto money exchange according to the world's daily trading volume, attended a question-answer event organized by the UK-based trading company eToro

the stock market; Zhao, who announced that he would not distribute some of his profits to the investors of the BNB, which was his own crypto money, declared that this was not possible due to the legal grounds of the BNB.


Zhao added that they should act cautiously at this point, adding that the pros of such an event would be far less than the cons and would not be worth the risk.

BNB, which has experienced a sharp increase despite the horizontal course of the crypto money market over the past few weeks, continues to climb. Last but not least, BNB, who succeeded to be in the top 10 crypto money and came up to 8th place, was very pleased with its investors at this point

In the research, it was emphasized that Binance Coin was still traded far below the actual price despite this increase. Koin, the peak period of 25 dollars in January 2018, while currently the buyer is 11 dollars.