Binance hacked 7,000 Bitcoin black market is discounted by 70 percent discount

The world's largest crypto-currency exchange, Binance, was attacked on May 7, and hackers stole 7,000 Bitcoins (BTC) worth $ 40 million. Binance's CEO Changpeng Zhao proactively dealt with the situation and then closed deposits and withdrawals until May 16.

Binance hacking deception

Although the funds are not yet available, it seems to be infringing another scam in the shadow of this hack. The Reddit user announced that in the r / Cryptocurrency subclass, the team that hacked the Binance had sold the stolen 7,000 BTC with a 70% discount. For ETH 3 BTC and 2 ETH for 0.2BTC were claimed to be given. This page redirects users to another page that states that the process will be completed after adding the Bitcoin address and ETH sessions.

Many users have warned that this is a scam, so others should not take action on this program.

Binance's stolen funds

As far as Binance's stolen funds are concerned,
help many people in their efforts to track and recover funds

Even Justin Sun wanted to donate USDT to the stolen BTC. However, CZ refused his assistance. Whale Alert (Whale Alert), who follows the movement of tokens and crypto coins on various wallets and exchanges, has added special alerts for Hack to help Binance.


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