Binance to Start Transactions with Euro

With a trading volume of approximately $ 1.5 billion, Binance can now claim that the world is the largest crypto money exchange. At the same time, it achieved an unprecedented growth by doubling its size in terms of its customers served this year. It is now estimated to be under 10 million users. This growth unexpectedly took place because Bitcoin and its crypto comrades have fallen significantly in value since the beginning of the year.

Now, Binance is taking steps to support his growth. The company announced just a few days ago that the government opened a bank account in Malta, a country that soon became a European crypto money paradise after a favorable legislative decision.

The Black Cloud

Binance also announced that a $ 1 billion (US $ 1 billion) new pair will soon be available for sale in the near future, according to an announcement by Binance that the trade couples will offer it, and unlike the already existing crypto money crypto money pairs, these new couples will become eurozone from the crypto unit. venture capital fund, but this is not good news for the company. In fact, this week a Reddit user reported a hacking attack on the Binance account on which 2 BTC's were stolen. [19659008] Bitrazzi [19659008] This event is still a source of concern for Binion, who is proud to provide extraordinary security in crypto money storage facilities, despite the fact that the strict daily withdrawal limits allow the user to save the rest of the $ 50,000 fund. ]