Bing Search Engine Banned Crypto Money Ads!

Another blow to crypto money marketers. Bing Bing Ads, Bing has decided to ban all advertisements containing, offering or selling crypto money Google Google and It is not surprising that this was the latest development from Bing The year when platforms such as Twitter prohibited crypto money advertising Founder Manager ” />

Bing commercial planning department manager Melissa Alsoszatai-Petheo had the following explanation of the decision: "

" Since the crypto currency and related products are not subject to any sanctions and sanctions, we have reached the conclusion that they have risks of being used by bad persons who may commit acts of plunder for our users. . In other words, crypto money ads pose risks to deceiving our users. "

Bing Ads crypto money, products related to crypto money and unregulated binary options (either digital or fixed invoicing, also called all or none options) all cause fraud

The updated product and services policy will be implemented globally in June, and the relevant decisions will be implemented as of the end of June or the middle of July.