Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Falling, Market Recovery

(March 17, 2019) When we look at how the crypto-money market is at noon as we see it, we see that many coins are in decline.

Crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, which have experienced remarkable increases last day, they have entered. However, it can be said that the current process is a process of kısa recovery sınır rather than a ayı fall an


Bitcoin, the biggest coin in the market and managed to exceed the $ 4,000 limit recently, was

Although Bitcoin declined by 0.97 percent to $ 70.7 billion as a market value, it remains above $ 4,000.


Ethereum, which has been on the rise last day and managed to climb above the 140-dollar threshold, is now experiencing a 2.16 percent decline at the moment.

Ethereum, on the other hand, declined to 140 percent on a price basis and to $ 14.7 billion on a market value basis.

to leave behind its close rival, the XRP, and to maintain its position as the second largest coin in the market.


XRP declined to $ 0.318 with a decrease of 0.99 percent in the last twenty-four hours.

The XRP also experienced an increase day by day as well as other coins. he managed to climb up. The XRP, however, began to recover and regress after its increase.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash, which is the most noticeable koini of the past day and has a very significant increase in value, has also dropped like other koiler.

Bitcoin Cash, currently available for sale at $ 152, lost 3.29 percent over the past twenty-four hours.