Bitcoin ban in India has experienced an incredible arbitrage opportunity

Crypto Money Exchange Koinex has announced that it will no longer accept any cash after July 6th.

The regulation of the Reserve Bank of India in April, which we passed in the past, has resulted in chaos in the crypto money world.

Koinex customers sell their coins in large quantities as they get closer to the last day.

According to a report at BCFocus, Bitcoin was trading at about 3,500 dollars on the last Sunday while Bitcoin was trading at Ethereum 225 dollars were bought and sold.

The bailout of the Indian Central Bank began to apply on July 6, but Koinex gave its users time until Monday.

The Whatsapp and Telegram groups, consisting of crypto money investors and enthusiasts of the Arbitrage opportunity It is said to have spread through.

A 28-year-old engineer from Delhi who claims to have benefited from this arbitrage opportunity says, "Opportunity was too good to be true."

The Bank of India had made three months to stop all business relations with any company that did.

→ Arbitrage: The most simple phrase is to buy Bitcoin from the cheap place and sell it in the expensive place.

→ According to the DVAN INDEX, the bittorrent can go uphill