Bitcoin (BTC) very close to the golden cross

Crypto was able to stop the downward descent of markets and found relatively strong support levels slightly below the current price levels. Bitcoin (BTC), which recently dropped to $ 4,900 after rising to $ 5,400, has recently set its lowest level as a support zone and has since grown to a higher level.

The biggest mark for bitcoin bulls

Although, Bitcoin is on its way to creating the feverish golden cross technical formation, which preceded years of great bulls, including the 2015 month market.

Bitcoin (BTC) is rapidly moving towards US $ 5,100

Over the course of several weeks, Bitcoin has seen a great deal of pressure from its customers, which has increased from its lowest level of $ 4,000 to more than $ 5,400. BTC's ability to stand above $ 4,900 is an upswing, despite the weakening of the upward pucker this week,

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BTC is still close to creating the golden cross pattern

Gold cross pattern, 50-day moving average of an asset (MA) and 200-day MA average. Generally, the golden cross pattern is a highly technical indicator that indicates the rise of BTC

Moon Overlord, a popular analyst in the field of cryptocurrency on Twitter, is the latest In the tweet, BTC talked about the possibility of shaping the current respected model, and said that despite the price drop that halted the bearish momentum of Bitcoin, the crypto currency is close to forming this model.

The price of the crypto currency in the short term of the bullets of Bitcoin is 4 thousand 900 Assuming that it can hold on to the dollar, it may soon become a golden cross pattern that can confirm that a new long-term bullish trend has begun.


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