'Bitcoin can experience a big rise in a few days'

Bitcoin was eagerly anticipated to surpass a $ 6850 resistance, but the upward moves of the number one crypto money did not result in success. Bitcoin, which did not pass the 6850 resistance, was stretched back to 6300.

According to CoinDesk analyst Omkar Godbole, who is evaluating the current situation in Bitcoin, the technical charts indicate that Bitcoin price may have a big rise in the next few days.

Bitcoin, Bitfinex, Godbole said, "The recent short-term bullish trend was neutralized by Bitcoin's daily closure under the 10-day moving average, according to the time zone of UTC. In addition, the possibility of withdrawal to 6,000 increased after a 5.7 percent drop on Tuesday.

"In addition, BTC said," In addition, BTC says that if a beer does not pass $ 6,000 in the next few days, it will still have a reverse shoulder-head -mouse model can be terminated. The RSI is now ovesold. A possible $ 300 drop in this situation will make it difficult for the bears to pull the BTC below 6,000. A long-term bull climate will be confirmed if the BTC is jumped from 6000 and the 6832 is broken with a high volume break. The likelihood of BTC completing the reverse shoulder-head-shoulder model will be high as long as prices remain above 6000. "

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