'' Bitcoin can see these levels in a few weeks! '

Peter Brandt, a money analyst with significant crypto believes that Bitcoin can retest low levels. Peter Brandt recently used Twitter to share his thoughts on the current state of Bitcoin. Brandt said that based on the price action at the end of the previous cycle (2013-2016), Bitcoin could retest its low levels within the next six to seven weeks, in the range of $ 3,000.

On the Brandt share, Bitcoin continues to explain that it will see lower prices in the coming weeks. Although it did not specify a specific timetable, the analyst said it would not be surprising if Bitcoin fell below $ 3,150 in December last year. When Peter Brandt was asked what Tyler Jenkin was thinking about the price estimate based on a $ 1 thousand Hyperwave theory, the analyst said that such an estimate was böyle irresponsible. Dayan

Peter Brandt, at the end of the pointed to light. After estimated price adjustments, Brandt believes a long-term rally will take place. Peter Brandt made it clear that he was not a fan of altcoins. Recently, the analyst compared Altcoins to Beanie Babies by comparing them to the ve scrap heap ız


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