Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Listed on SBI's VCTRADE Stock Exchange from Japan's Finance Giant

Bitcoin Cash is listed in SBI VCTRADE named crypto money market, which is owned by SBI Holdings of Japan and is starting to serve very soon. The stock market began to serve after many delays and difficulties.

After starting to serve successfully, it continued to develop and grow.

SBI VCTRADE had the following explanations on his official internet page:

"SBI Virtual Currency will be available on Monday, June 11th

"We are launching a new pair for commercial transactions:

BCH / JPY is now available. Please wait until the beginning. "

The Enter Keyport ciphered messaging application now serves Bitcoin Cash network users, so their messages can not be censored by a third party. Bitcoin Cash Fund is aiming to increase the acceptance and popularity of Bitcoin Cash with being a project carried out by the community. The project recently announced that it is launching a web page that "hosts all the things about Bitcoin Cash."

Bitcoin Cash's official face and CEO's Roger Ver [

During the first 7 days of June more than 100 coders were held in China, and "for the use of people all over the world"

Earlier this week a video was broadcast on Roger Ver – Official Channel '', a video that was titled "BCH Geek," aimed at developing BCH-based applications with educational content. The topic of the video was recently that many users on the internet were claiming that Dogecoin was bigger than Bitcoin Cash. Ver video compares Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash to each other.

Roger compares Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash step by step. Stating that market volume certainly made a difference, Ver said that Dogecoin had a volume of $ 400 million, while Bitcoin Cash had a market volume close to $ 17.8 billion.

According to the press time, BCH's unit price moved around $ 1,043, with a total market volume of $ 17,924 billion, with a dramatic drop of 8% over the past 24 hours. Let's see what kind of developments we are going to have about the BCH in the coming days.