Bitcoin Cash listed on SBI Virtual Money Exchange

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is listed on the SBI Virtual Money Exchange. The crypto money market owned by SBI Holdings, now called the SBI Virtual Currency Exchange (SBI Stock Exchange), recently launched a new service called VCTRADE

Bitcoin Cash listed on the SBI Virtual Money Exchange

SBI Stock Exchange, the first and only cryptographic currency that can be used when it starts is Ripple (XRP). However, the BCH will now be traded on the SBI Stock Exchange from June 11th.

The SBI Stock Exchange will open Bitcoin Cash on Monday, June 11th, on the official website of the stock exchange. The first transaction pair for Bitcoin Cash will be BCH / JPY.

Reasons for growing Bitcoin Cash

Users of keyport, encrypted messaging applications can now connect to the Bitcoin Cash network. Thus their messages can not be censored by a third party. The Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCF) is a community-focused project dedicated to the adoption of Bitcoin Cash. The BCH Fund has announced a new website called "Home of all things Bitcoin Cash". BCF is a non-profit making organization that uses donated funds to support projects that accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

Dogecoin Bitcoin Cash comparison

Recently, Roger Ver, founder of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), is trying to spread his money on the market. Earlier this week, Roger Ver posted a YouTube video on " Channel." Many people who claimed that Dogecoin was bigger than Bitcoin Cash followed the publication. Roger Ver compared Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash to each other

Stating that the market value is definitely important, Roger Ver said Bitcoin Cash has a market value close to $ 17.9 billion, despite Dogecoin's $ 400 million market value . This figure is about 40 times the market value of Dogecoin. At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash is trading at $ 1,044, down 7.6%. Bitcoin Cash is currently ranked 4th with a market value of $ 17.9 billion


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