Bitcoin Exceeds $ 23K Now

Popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin continued its sharp rise and exceeded the $ 23,000 threshold. This value was an all-time high for Bitcoin.

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoincontinues its unstoppable rise in the recent period. Bitcoin, which just yesterday exceeded the 20 thousand dollar threshold and left another kilometer threshold behind in its surprise exit, today it is the bar. By increasing over 23 thousand dollars It has reached an all-time high.

Bitcoin’s peak value during the day according to CoinMarketCap data 23 thousand 586 dollars found that this was the highest value the popular cryptocurrency has ever seen. At the time of writing the news, Bitcoin’s instantaneous value had regressed to 22 thousand 700 dollars.



Bitcoin Exceeds $ 20,000 Barrage: Expectations in 2021 $ 100,000

According to some investment experts, this astronomical increase in Bitcoin’s value will continue in 2021 and eventually Bitcoin will succeed in breaking the $ 100,000 threshold. However, it should not be forgotten that there have been rumors that Bitcoin will see the top or bottom before. Therefore Based on rumors only We recommend that you do not make an investment.